At MEO, we work for some of the largest and most reputed Oil Companies and Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (EPCs) in the world, we take pride in delivering new and innovative assets matched with top quality service. Here are some of the examples of some of the customers we have worked for and the feedback we have received.

Oil Companies

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (EPCs)

Testimonials from Clients

It has been a pleasure to work with MEO as the company provides extremely professional services.

Mammoet Salvage is extremely satisfied with our relationship with Miclyn Express Offshore. They have proven themselves to be a flexible and reliable partner throughout our projects

Chevron Thailand has an Advanced Supplier Relationship with MEO. At Chevron, the ASR is one where the supplier is seen as a true business partner, so this is the main difference with MEO versus other marine suppliers. This is partly due to their dedication to operational excellence and local content, in addition to a commitment to the total cost of ownership reduction.

We found the DP2 ROV support vessel that MEO owned a good fit with our ROV inspection and IRM requirements / contracts. MEO’s ability to flag vessels Indonesian on the back of long term charters was a strong factor in the development of the relationship. With the working relationship now firmly in place we are certainly keen to expand the work we do together going forward.

Dear Captain, Chevron has acknowledged your positive contribution to achieve the maintenance scope of the project Incident and Injury Free. It is my view that you all expended a considerable effort in planning, training and mentoring your vessel crew and maintain your vessel up to the highest standards… We are pleased to have had you as part of our project and look forward to working together again.

We recognize the excellent support that MEO has provided during the Hail and Shuweihat Project.

On this occasion we decided to give the opportunity to an operator in the region which we had not worked with previously.  The MEO Ranger has been an optimal choice based on past experiences and vessel qualities available in the market. Both the onshore and offshore staff of MEO have been excellent at responding to our requests and have met our expectations. We look forward to a long term relationship and hope to see more vessels and crew of this quality in the region to support our requirements.