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Company Overview

Headquartered in Singapore, MEO Group has been providing specialised marine services since the 1970s, with operations in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Trusted by the world’s biggest oil companies, the Group has a demonstrated track record of operational and safety excellence in providing specialized offshore vessel solutions.

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HSQE is our top core value and our employees are committed to the mantra that we will not, by action or inaction, allow anyone or anything to come to harm. HSQE excellence is realised through the robust systems and processes embedded throughout the company.

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Vision, Mission and Core Values

MEO’s mission is to deliver safe and cost-effective service solutions to our customers, have a profitable, and sustainable business and be the employer of choice in our industry.

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Board, Executive and Senior Management

MEO brings together a dedicated and experienced Board and Management team. Their commitment to Operational and Service Excellence and many years of combined industry experience in the offshore services industry continue to drive growth and value to the company.

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Operational Excellence

Our Vision is realised through Operational Excellence as we strive to be the best in the industry in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Operational Excellence is at the heart of our operations, present across all levels of the organisation with adequate systems and monitoring processes in place to ensure accountability.

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Corporate Governance and Policies

MEO is dedicated to the highest level of integrity in all business practices and has established policies which outlines how the Company expects its Representatives, Employees and Directors to behave and conduct business in the workplace in line with ethical standards.

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Delivering Operational Excellence