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Commitment to Exemplary Corporate Governance Culture

The Company is committed to the highest level of integrity, ethical and professional standards in all business practices,  including the embracing diversity within the Board, Management and Employees. The Board of Directors is responsible for the corporate governance of the Group, but at the same time the Company is committed to ensuring that a good governance culture is embraced throughout the organisation.

The Board represents and serves the interests of the Company’s shareholders by overseeing and appraising the Company’s business strategy, including approving its strategic goals and policies. This includes overseeing the financial and human resources the Company has in place to meet its objectives and the review of Managements’ performance.

Below is a summary of our committee structure and company policies. To read more about any of the committee members, click here.

Board of DirectorsAudit and Risk Management CommitteeNomination and Remuneration Committee
Lawrence LuaChairpersonMemberChairperson
Darren AngMemberMember
Vincent LowMemberMemberMember
Liu Shao XuanMemberChairperson
Chairperson Chairperson
Member Member

Delivering Operational Excellence