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MEO LTIFR Statistics from 2019 to 2023

MEO TRIR Statistics from 2019 to 2023

MEO has an industry leading health and safety track record, consistently outperforming the industry’s LTIFR and TRIR benchmarks.

Safety is our top core value and our employees, across all levels of the organisation, are committed to the mantra that we will not, by action or inaction, allow anyone or anything to come to harm. HSQE excellence is realised through the robust systems and processes embedded throughout the company:

  • Dedicated and passionate HSQE team
  • Senior Management actively engages with crews and contractors on a regular basis
  • Stop Work Authority empowers all employees to stop work that they deem to be unsafe
  • Centralised training centres and personnel that provide crew and staff with critical skills to enhance their safety and operational performance
  • Constantly shaping new and innovative campaigns to improve and deliver sustainable safe operations

Delivering Operational Excellence